3 Dec 2013

The Famous Celebraties With Funny Faces

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The Famous People With Funny Faces

The Famous poeple sometime express their feelings in such a funny style and  entertained the viewers.
Here are some picture of famous people including President of USA, male& female celebs,players,writer,producers and actors. 
Hope you will enjoy.

Actor, Producer John Goodman and Billi Cristal

One is funny while others is trying to be serious

Photo by Writers

Your and my favourite MR. Been. 
He is funny since birth


Not Funny People but here are looking funny

Bark Obama,President of USA and Vladimir Putin President of Russia


The Old is Gold

Actor Tim Kanvy


Actress Ema Thomsan and Piers Brosnan Actor




Writer,Actor Jim Carry


Actor writer Johnny Knoxville and actor Jakson Nicol


Singer composer Justin Timberlake

Photo: AFP

Singer Miley Cyrus
Hotty is Naughty

Photo: AFP

John D. Ryan 

Chief Executive Officer National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

picture: AFP

Famous Tennis player playing a back stroke with funny lips and tongue inside

Refil Nidal

Photo: Writer

Novak Djokovic

The ultimate power of shot can make you funny such like this


Acter,producer Brad Pit and Acter producer,writer Jonahil

Image By; writer

Actor Tom Hawnks

Image By; writer

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Kath Rivera said...

Mr. Bean and Jim Carey for the win! Their faces are very funny because of their sense of humor!

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