5 Dec 2013

The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes In the World

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The most expensive celebrity homes in the world

Lot of celebrities kept on the acquisition of luxury homes and luxury inside and out, and this is because it reflects a lot about the character of the owner.
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world
There are some people who care about internal decoration of  more than external, which demonstrates their love to stay inside the house as much time as possible, and there are those who care about access to court basketball or tennis court, which represent their passion for sports. 

Here are the most expensive homes owned by celebrity  to know something about their living style and home trends away from the cameras.

Opera -50 million

Not surprisingly, spend Introduction U.S. programs famous "Oprah," the amount of 50 million dollars to buy a palace, amounts to a fortune "Oprah" Fetrutea 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, and the total area of ​​the palace 7 thousand square meters, and up the total area surrounding the palace and owned for "Oprah" about 42 acres, and is characterized by the palace own aesthetic touches, it has a wonderful lake fish industry, the palace also has 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -40 million
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world2

Living in one of the finest palaces in the world, is located palace in "New York" and is characterized by design luxurious from the outside and the inside, too, and contains 18 en, tennis courts, swimming pools, fantastic, and an area of ​​6 thousand square meters and reached the cost of its inception to 40 million U.S. dollars.

Tom Cruise -35 million
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world

Famous star, "Tom Cruise," a morbid acquisition of luxury palaces in the world, has bought a "Tom Cruise" mansion worth 35 million U.S. dollars to live with his ex-wife, "Kate Holmes," has contained the palace on 7 master bedrooms in addition to the 9 bathrooms, and characterize the palace fence surrounding it from all directions, which has provided the family a great deal of freedom in it, and this palace is located in the state of "Colorado" American.

Will Smith - $ 20 million
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world4

Will Smith - $ 20 million
On a pond large in the region, "Calabasas" in the state "California," the U.S. is private mansion the Star World "Will Smith", and has a tennis court ground as well as a basketball court and a gorgeous swimming pool, which is similar in design deficiencies coming from the mythological stories, and has On my own.

Celine Dion -20 million
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world5

Possess singer famous "Celine Dion" a palace is one of the finest palaces in the world, Vakasr a large garden of water that adds to the palace a special kind of beauty, are the use of at least 6 million gallons of water per year to decorate the palace, also contains the palace from the inside on rare antiques and dominated by black and white, and the palace is located on the island of "Gopeter" state "Florida" American.

Eddie Murphy - 20 million dollars
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world6

Comedian famous American "Eddie Murphy" got his luxurious in 2005 at a cost of 20 million U.S. dollars, and has a home on the pond water hot and cold, tennis courts and large tracts of trees and natural flowers, also features a lounge, "Alley" and a large library duplexes , The area of ​​the house 4 square kilometers and is located in the "Bawerlei Hills" famous American.

Jennifer Lopez - 10 million dollars
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world7

Live international star "Jennifer Lopez" in one of the finest palaces at all, is located in the state of "LA" America, and similar in designs and colors museums, it has been dominated by the inside white wonderful, as well as contains decorative pieces archaeological luxury, and consists of 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

David Beckham - 10 million dollars
Most expenses celebrity homes in the world8

Like the "Victoria", the wife of the player Englishman's famous "David Beckham" and singer known, like the acquisition of several luxury palaces in many areas in America and Europe, and is a palace of "Beckham" button in the "Bawerlei Hills" America is the most famous of these stately mansions owned by player, it is the middle of dense trees which earned him a special character of natural beauty.

Fifty cents -4 million dollars

Rap star global "Fifty cents," he bought a private mansion star of boxing, "Mike Tyson" compared to 4 million U.S. dollars, then the singer renewal of the palace and developed to get himself to the utmost comfort, which contain Cinema internal and 5 Jacuzzi and 6 kitchens, 37 bathrooms and 19 rooms sleep different spaces, also has a gym, tennis court ground.

Sandra Bullock - $ 2.25 million

Sandra Bullock - $ 2.25 million
Palace is located actress beloved "Sandra Bullock" in "New Orleans" state "Louisiana" American, features from the outside stereotypes large marble columns and a huge swimming pool and a private area for concerts barbecuing, also contains inside the protection devices fantastic against thieves such as whistles and bells.

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