22 Sep 2013

What Happened To The Most Famous Hacker Of The World!

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Here is a stunning story of a hacker named Barnaby Michael Douglas Jack, Read What happened to the worlds most famous

Barnaby Michael Douglas Jack was born on November 22, 1977 and dead on July 25, 2013. He was a hacker,programmer form New Zealand.
He became famous for his presentation at the Black Hat computer security conference in 2010, he hacked two ATMs and made them dispense fake paper currency in front of the stage. His other most shaken work was the exploitation of different medical devices, like as pacemakers and insulin pumps.

Burnaby Jack was the person who has succeeded to withdraw money from ATM machines  in 2010 without the use of a debit card permanently, and this hacking was very dangerous for banks as they were ready to give him millions  to secure their system and to find the loophole.

His other trick was  introduced  in 2013 shows how the artificial heart (pacemaker) stopped from a distance, which is pasted inside the patient , but was not able to demonstrate this  because he found dead in San Francisco. He was found dead in his apartment and doctors say that the reason is cardiac arrest, but the location of International Business said that pirates, many people sure about that the CIA has liquidate him because they do not have any solution to compete in this high level on each to supersede them.
Jack was famous in  industry masters  for his power in the medical and financial security fields.

 In both cases, malware was inserted into the operating system of the ATM machines, forcing them to disburse the currency fraudulently on his demand. He demonstrated the attack on an ATM as  Jack taking advantage of his physical access to the target machine and used a flash drive loaded with malware to take unauthorized remote control of the machine. During this remote attack, malware was installed onto the target machine via exploited vulnerabilities in the remote management system, mostly the use of default password and remote accessing TCP ports. At the end hacker(Jack)  executed the malware, causing the target ATM machine to dispense a given amount of currency.

New Zealand-born Jack, 35, was scheduled to be one of the star guests at the Black Hat hacking convention in Las Vegas.
In a presentation named" Hacking Humans" he was planning to expose the bugs of commonly used pacemaker machines by demonstrating how he could hack into them and kill the heart patient from a distance of 50ft  with a deadly power surge triggered by a wireless transmitter. Jack had an opinion that it is not necessary knowing the serial number of pacemaker even it was so simple to do this.

In a recent blog, he said: ‘The only particular aspect of the hack was the distance  in which the attack was carried out to the victim. It could be done in same building or have a device to transmit the signals to the victim. He told that some pacemakers could be ordered release a deadly 830-volt shock from anyone on a laptop up to 50ft distance. He said it was the result of poor software programming by medical device companies.

Barnaby Jack hacks an ATM at Black Hat

Barnaby Jack had claimed he had found unique method for hacking pacemakers
Jack claimed it was possible to disturb the pacemaker companies’servers with a bug that would spread through their system like a virus.
Threat of such attacks was being taken so seriously by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it had asked manufacturers to take necessary measures to protect new pacemakers which use wireless technology.

These two deadly hacking skills made him most popular hacker if we used the term of  "King of hacking" right way to admire him
Jack became one of the world’s most famous hackers after a 2010 demonstration of ‘Jack potting’  getting cash machines to spew out money.

At the time of his death, Jack was director of embedded-device security for Seattle information-security firm IO Active.
The company  tweeted ‘Lost but never forgotten, our beloved pirate, Barnaby Jack, has passed.’

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