5 Sep 2013

New Type Of Ants Revealed That Shakes The World

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Here is a new information about Ants and their behavior, All about New Type OF Ants That Shake The World.  Let's see what is more about this tiny creature.

Incestuous marriage when this type of ant species made ​​him violent and more aggressive, which threatens the economy of some countries today, to read .... A new study on the prevalence of a new type of ants in Europe threatens not Only ants settler but also economic losses significant, pointing to the existence of a kind of social system which can be this kind of ants reproduce quickly, such as the marriage of relatives noted

German scientists in a new study to the spread of new species of ants are widely and rapidly in Europe. She Professor Sylvia Kramer, of the University of  Regensburg in German research published by the journal "PLoS One" American concerns researchers to attack this type of ants lot of gardens and parks in Germany, Britain, Scandinavia and cause material damage, environmental and wide there and the researcher Kramer in collaboration with colleagues in uncover the reasons for the success of the ants to adapt to new environments which helped to spread into new areas.

 He was the first discovery of this type of ants called specialists name "Asus Negilictos" in Hungary in 1990, which crawled to many other countries arrived, for example, Paris and Warsaw and more than a hundred a place in European countries other was found on this ant for the first. Once in Germany seven years ago and was in the eastern city of  Jena, Germany the researchers pointed out that the prevalence of this type of ant giant has been, for example, through the exchange of trees in the special exhibitions gardens indicated Kramer that this ant prefers to live in the gardens and it was soon expelled ant species other ones, also reported that dislodges also other insects younger , such as spiders, regions which it crawls.

 She said that the platoon ants "to Asus Negilictos" like black ants but the size of worker ants top ten to a hundred times this black ants. Some estimates suggest that the losses caused by the red ants in the United States, for example, estimated annually at about 600 million euros after this ant was not known, however, only in the tropics and see Kramer that the emergence of ants "to Asus Negilictos" in central and Southern Europe abnormal, expressing the belief that the success of the ants to spread in Europe depends mainly on the composition of social, adding that in this context, saying that this ant Aydtr out to the area that is not his area for mating, but perform this operation in  while the ants settler with ants other villages, this ant jars doing what we might call the "marriage incest", enabling it to produce a lot of queens new without relying on others, in the words of the researcher  of Germany  that there is another reason behind the spread of the ants, which is that convoys do not clash with the villages of ants in neighboring conflict about food and perhaps even cooperated with each other to bring in food, if found ant ants settler on the food they require assistance from the nest and may have been through the ways too long but this ant jars  use Benmel nearest nest "so they are extremely successful." as the researchers discovered that this new ants live much more heavily than normal ants in a tight space.

Said the Kramer: "Maybe we have seen three or four or five Ehran back and forth on the trunk of a tree, but this ant jars crowded in the corridors and wide for ants and can the average person distinguish this new genre through these pathways that may reach showing one of them to ten or twenty centimeters  " comments through this study can devise many things and benefits,'s world ants strange world indeed, which is similar to the human world, in humans who commits taboo, as well as in the world of ants from doing it, so he says: (what an animal on earth, nor a bird fly its wings, but nations like you We have neglected in the book of something and then to their Lord crammed).

  Also, there is another benefit, which is the perspective of the oldest of the brothers readers, scientists assert that this ant fierce and violent and invade cities and parks and ruthless Fashak objects that are weaker than him, and spreads between its members marriage incest, as if this habit was the cause of the proliferation of ants quickly and lack of compassion with him, and increased violence and destruction, and perhaps realize why God has forbidden inbreeding, it may be wise to prevent the rapid spread to humans, and the emergence of descendants of devastating ruthless, was God's mercy us a broader knowledge has forbidden us inbreeding but put us an example from the world of ants we see with our eyes and see the consequences of the marriage incest, to realize that God wants us to goodness, this perspective can explain to us the mystery ferocity of this type of ants.

 Note to criticize should be alert to some of the issues that may be confused on lovers readers, was surprised by some to be in the world of ants such violence or marriage is forbidden or chaos, but Allah assured us that these insect-legged on the ground is the nations like us, he said: (unless nations like you) and this means that the world Ant it bad and  like humans, where honesty and deception, like humans, and there is research confirms that envy exists in the world of ants, and fraud and deceit is also when many animals, such as human societies, and this shows the sincerity of the words right.and all this shows that evil exists in all beings, and ALLAH also told that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when serving Allah, including the Day of Resurrection. , which contemplates the Quran does not find verse indicates that the ants innocent in everything or honest or does not know the lying, cheating and corruption, but the verse (unless Nations like you) include all the characteristics of human beings from Salah, corruption, lies and truth and so on, but that this verse was revealed at the time, no one knew anything from the world of ants or insects or animals, and scientific research day after day, reveals new aspects of the similarity between humans and animals.

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