22 Jan 2014

Know About Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds

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The Smartest Talking Birds

The Worlds most famous birds too smart to talk and learn.

Many people want to keep a pet that they can play with and fun, some people want a pet that will help keep them warm at night, and still many of us want a companion. An animal that will be faithful friendly in all respects. That's sounds good for them, but there are most people who want a companion that they can talk to. They want to hear from them at the end of a long working day and welcome them home with,"Hello, darling, sweet and more.

For people who wish to have this kind of companion in the form of an animal, a talking bird fits as the most appropriate choice.
This is not confined to one or two, but there are many of them, we have classified here ten(10) smartest birds that have ability to trained by their owner to perform different actions like talking, singing and contesting.

10 - Budgerigar

The budgie, or called home parakeet also, is one of most famous Parrot for its ability to speak, and to mimic the words that it can hear.

This little bird is able to learn a lot of phrases and songs, characterized by a low voice and males more than female rats to be trained to talk.

9 - Monk Parakeet

The colorful little bird, is small in size and stature, and is also called "Quaker", known for being intelligent and social and has the ability to develop a large number of phrases and vocabulary especially when they are trained from an early age.

8 - Blue Fronted Amazon

This bird is convenient if you're looking for a companion for life, where the average life is 100 years. This bird is like for tendency in his voice. It has an excellent voice and the ability to mimic the human voice in a spectacular way.

7 - Indian Ringneck :

This Indian bird is extremely intelligent, and can learn and speak a huge number of words and phrases.
But it can not imitate the human voice as often confers with unique sound, and comes in feathers with several colors.

6 - Eclectus 

This is characterized by different colors according to sex, where male has green and female in red color always. They are famous for their ability to mimic the tone as well as the mood of the language in which they are speaking. The earlier you start the training, the more you can derive their abilities over a period of time.

5 - Yellow-Crowned Amazon

It comes with the ability to learn very soon, and is a bird that does not nip at its owner and trainer. It can easily learn words and phrases, and with a quick grasp of any language the owner trains the bird to speak, it is known to be able to remember a variety of words, phrases, and can retain an extensive vocabulary when taught.

4 - Double Yellow Head Amazon

Not much different from a crown, this bird is also known for its ability to learn music, and to learn how to make its tone, in order to attain certain levels, with songs, and other types of tunes that it is learning.

3 - Germany, Hill Myna

This small black bird is known for its ability to mimic the human tone, pitch, voice, and copy on the voice of the owner or the trainer that works with it.
His presence in the UAE has an amazing ability to simulate human voices and tones, loves to play and after the time of the training gives the results of verbal and stunning capacity.

2 - Yellow-Naped Amazon

Of all the Amazon species, this bird is very much famous for its capabilities, and for its ability to learn quickly and easily, and to remember what it is taught by its owner. They like singing, and they have a great method of mimicking the human voice, tone, and pitch; when taught from a nearly young age, the bird is going to learn vast vocabulary, and has a high level of intelligence, meaning it is going to be able to retain quite a bit. With several species, it is the one that is most known for its ability for retention and clear understanding.

1 - African Grey

This African Bird is considered the smartest brains in the animal kingdom all, the scientists say that the ability to form sentences and words and connecting concepts and imitate sounds very similar to the capacity of a small child. Tends to learn to speak at a young age, and is widely domesticated for his great IQ level.

Hope you have enjoyed it all about these famous talking birds.

Now your turn to choose one for you.

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