28 Sep 2013

Geithoom: The Enchanting City With No Streets

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Giethoorn is known as the Venice of the North. This unique little town in the North East of  Netherlands is very charming and worthy place for picnic , If you are thinking It's "Venice", No it is not. It is much like a village, and not a large city. It has no street, there fore it is called "city without streets".

Its main attraction is No streets. This is a fact that there all canals all over the village area and they used special Giethoorn boats that go underneath. Since it is an attractive touristy point to visit here.
There are a some restaurants where you can enjoy some food or drink coffee

It was first settled by Franciscan monks in the thirteenth century, Giethoorn was a part of a large nature reserve initially. The monks had the canals dug for transporting peat and are only about one meter deep.

Now a days, Giethoorn has residents less than 3,000 people, most of whom reside in private islands.
The main source of transportation through the canals are via a punt, canoe, kayak, or whisper boats. The whisper boat named for its specialty design silent motor that doesn't disturb the peoples.
These canals are not wide and there are also many wooden foot bridges to cross them. Inspite of the extensive numbers of canals, there are also many cycling and walking paths and the area is generally regarded as a favourite location for skaters in winter.

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