8 Oct 2013

How A Seven Years Old Child Steals Mobile From A Lady In A Restaurant

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Witness: the seventh years old child in stealing a mobile phone from a lady under the supervision of her mother

Most often children are trained to do such things by other people as their parents unaware from their activities.But in this case we can see how a mother support her child to pic a mobile from a lady in the restaurant. Due to rush of people and security purpose many mall, hotels,clubs,restaurants have installed surveillance cameras to monitor their customers and security of the place.
These photos are obtained from a video of security camera monitoring staff after the incident.
What happened next. there is no information.

One of the surveillance cameras spotted at a restaurant when a seven years old child is stealing a mobile phone from the lady's handbag during food dealt with her friend. Interestingly, in the video that the child was accompanied by two women, one of them her mother as stated in the definition video, which encourages them to commit the crime and supervised, it was her what she wanted. Did not take the theft of more than 7 seconds while two women were around them to make sure that there is no other suspicion at one of the pioneers of the restaurant, and was it calmly and smoothly.

It is appeared as if the little girl with expertise in the robbery, especially since what spotted the camera detects that it has not been a bother big for her, so that the friendly victim of theft did not pay any attention to what is going on in front of her and has been engaged to enjoy eating while chatting with her friend. Seconds passed again after that returned to their bases intact, so to speak, to leave the two women and the child with them before the restaurant staff to come to them which means that the process was done at breakneck speed.

Here are picture of the child stealing the mobile phone in a restaurant witness the Incident.

 See the Team is pointing towards the table

 Here she returns to these two women

 Going with them after successful action.

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