5 Dec 2013

10 Strangest Caves Arround The World

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10 Caves Around The World Are Declared Strangest

Caves are mostally made of mud stones and wet, may be consist of crystal or basalt or something else, in a nutshell: It is fact the caves are meant bigger than just a hole in the ground.
 may be attached to wildlife, or as wide as the valleys, or submerged in depth of water, whatever mysteries they have,no one knows. There are many many thing in the world are still unrevealed to the human eyes.

Stangest Caves In the world

1. Giants cave Eisriesenwelt Cave

The largest cave ice exists in the world, specifically in the "Austria", a length of 50 kilometers, translates the name to "World of Giants Iilgian", was discovered in 1879, contains compartments staggered to allow air to pass through all of them and this means that the cold and should wear warm clothing when his visit, the snow is a result of the many colors of mineral deposits, illuminated ice formations lamps magnesium to give a dramatic effect, and only a small part of it is open to the public.

2. Cave Fingal Fingal's Cave


Island "Staffa" is an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland, and contains many caves in the sea, the most important cave "Fingal," and also called the Cave melody, depth of 700 meters and the whole component of the pillars of the hexagonal interlocking basalt that probably formed as a result of lava by History, in 1829 visited the composer, "Felix Mendelssohn" the cave and said he got the inspiration to write there his compositions.

3.Blue Grotto Blue Grotto

Grotto "Azzaro" is the source of the attractions the largest in the "Capri", a cave half submerged illuminated blue light strange, in the Roman era was said to be the cave shelter demons and nymphs and faddists, but the blue light on the truth because of the reflection of sunlight on the slot close to the sea, and is considered the best time to visit the cave is the afternoon when the sun begins in brightness on the door of the cave.

4. Cave of the Flowers "and Styria" Wisteria Tunnel

Gardens "Kawachi" in "Fuji" is the home of Plants "and Styria", grows about 150 of the plant the "and Styria" of 20 different species colored Erguana, and white, and blue, and purple, and Lordi, the best time to visit the gardens in late April and early May, any visit outside of this time period means that the trees are not thriving.

5. Cave Horde Orda Cave

The longest underwater cave, located in Russia and length of 5 km, severe water purity, and is considered a bad place in order to get lost in it, he forked significantly and heat it up to 20 below zero.

6. Caves luminous insects Waitomo Caves

Caves luminous insects Waitomo Caves
These caves are home glowing worms in the "New Zealand", glow to attract insects her and locked her in silk nets trap.

7.River "Buertoprensisa" underground Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Underground River in the "Palawan" in "Philippines" 8 kilometers in length, passes through another cave surrounded by many beautiful stone formations in the world, in the January 28, 2012 he was named one of the seven wonders of the world.

8. The marble cathedral Caves The Marble Cathedral

The marble cathedral Caves The Marble Cathedral
Are caves carved into the lake, "Carrera," which stretches along the border between the "Chile" and "Argentina", visitors must Aitiroa from the capital to "Kohaak" then cut the trip 320 miles to the south up to the lake, but this long journey worth. Formed caves of in 6000 by the waves that collide with "calcium carbonate."

9.Caves luck LubangNasibBagus

Caves located in the national park in the "Borneo" in "Gonwongmulu", the ceiling height of 100 meters and the dimensions of the cave is 700 × 400 meters, due to the age of five million years.

10. Cave Krupera Krubera Cave

Of the deepest caves in the world, scientists estimated depth of about 2080 meters, is located in "Abkhazia" b "Georgia", by many life forms at a depth of 300 meters.



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