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Top 10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

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Top 10 Inventions That Killed Their Inventors

The life of an inventor is never an easy one. When someone has to come up with a unique idea that solves a problem in a way that no one has thought of before, and then you need to design and engineer your idea to take it from theory to reality.
The invention which caused the death of its inventor
The very nature of invention means that inventors are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 
This drive to discover the next Big Thing has been a boon to humanity and has given us inventions like the steam engine, the automobile and the personal computer. It's the major reason why we're still not huddled in caves fighting off wolves and cowering at the crack of thunder. Some invention had totally changed the lives of human beings and some pushed their inventor to death.
Here you will know:-
Ten inventions caused the death of their respective inventors. But fate did not give some time to reap the gains of their inventions and died at the hands of these  inventions.

1 - Henry Smolinski Inventor Of The Flying Car

Henry Smolinski was a Northrop-trained engineer who left his job in order to establish a new company aimed at developing a flying car to market. She was born in 1933.  Henry Smolinski, was a graduate of Northrop Institute of Technology's aeronautical engineering school.

The aircraft at Oxnard Airport, Oxnard, California - August 1973
Photo:Wikimedia Commons

So her company innovated to bring the two models of that car in 1973, On September 11, 1973 while trying the invention called AVE Mizar ripped off the right wing of the car and  Henry died. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that bad welds were responsible for the crash. (And it did involve a Pinto.)

2 - Franz Reichelt Inventor Of The Parachute
Franz Reichelt who was known as Frantz Reichelt  was born in 1879 and came to Paris in 1898. He was the inventor of parachuting pioneer, which is known as Flying Tailor today. He will remember for his accidental death by jumping from the Eiffel Tower while testing a wearable parachute design by his own. Reichelt had become very keen on developing a suit for Piolets that would changed into a parachute.  At first some experiments were conducted through dummies and had been successful. So he decided to run his own experience, but during the experiment and in when jumping from the Eiffel Tower fell at a distance of 187 meters on the frozen ground, which claimed his life immediately.

Invention which killed their inventors

invention that killed the inventors

3 - William Bullock, the inventor of the rotary printing machine:

Born in 1813, he developed the printing machine can spin and fitted with machine parts that revolutionized the world of printing, especially in the world of journalism where he contributed to the present invention to increase the efficiency of the printing and speed where he can this machine produce remixes of 12,000 newspaper at the pieces of paper after you print it, and during the an attempt to "William Bullock" reform failure in his first sewing machine where crushed inside the machine, causing injury to gangrene and amputation of his foot, and then compounded things until I got to death.

Top 10 invention cuased the death of their inventors

4 - Alexander Bjdnov dream of getting to eternal youth:

Born in 1873, a Russian doctor, the work of a pioneering experiment to replace the blood in order to improve the physical capabilities of the human being and restore youth, he himself has undergone this experience and improved his ability, especially its ability to consider.

Founded the Institute of Blood Transfusion bears his name and decided Bjdnov in 1928, in his fifty-fifth year-old young man with his own blood replacement of blood, but it seems that the sample was contaminated transmitted injuring comatose for 15 days and then died.

Top 10 invention that killed the inventors

5 - Horace Lawson Hunley inventor of the submarine 
Born in 1832, he worked as an engineer for the machines submarines and characterize his skill severe, enables Hunley of the creation of the first submarine handy in history in 1863, during accompany the team to experience the submarine and training, he and his team of the sinking was named the submarine in his name CSS HL Hunley submarine in his honor.Horace L. Hunley was a lawyer and a member of the Louisiana state legislature who had a thing for submarines. He helped design and build three different models for the Confederacy during the Civil War and was ultimately killed when his third design went under. His first submarine was built in New Orleans and was intentionally sunk when the city fell to the Union in 1862, and his second submarine sunk in Mobile Bay in Alabama. Hunley funded his third submarine himself, and on Oct. 15, 1863, Hunley, along with seven crewmembers, died when the sub that carried his name sank in the waters off Charleston, S.C. 

 inventor of the submarine sunk with his companions

6 - Thomas Midgley Jr. inventor of the device to help elderly and disabled:

Pharmacist U.S., it is called as the man who destroyed his invention, he is the owner of the idea of ​​adding tetraethyl lead to gasoline to improve the performance of car engines, and had a major role in the invention of air pollution since the invention of the increased proportion of lead in the air by 500%.

Health deteriorated, "Midgley" due to inhalation of a huge amount of lead, especially because of his polio, he took in 1944, invented the device depends on the ropes and pulleys to help him to do from the bed, and in one day holding the ropes and Khangueth and died at the age of 55 years.

top inventions that killed their inventors

7 - Marie Curie discovered radium rays:

Scientist Physics and Chemistry and leading science of radiation and was the first to obtain two Nobel Prizes in the world, where you got the first jointly with her husband the world, "Henry Berichael" in the field of physics, the discovery of racist polonium and radium, and honored to launch Korean name on the measurement of radioactivity, and the other in the field of chemistry, was killed on July 4, 1934 after being infected with the anemia Allatjanssa resulting from exposure to massive doses of radiation discovered radium, which is worth mentioning that prior to this incident, the scientists did not realize that the radiation has a harmful effect may lead to death.

Top ten inventtions that killed their inventors

8 - Henry and Anstly founder beacons ships

British engineer is the first to build a beacon to guide ships in the British Isles, and was confident strongly designed, so I decided to test the lighthouse during the worst storm seen in Britain in 1703, but the lighthouse did not survive the storm and collapsed it, killing him and five of his aides in the case.

top 10 invention that killed their inventors

9 - Thomas Barrio inventor of a race car
Engineer and commander of the race cars famous who had always dreamed of driving a car at high speed to break the record for speed, and invented his own car, which enabled him to speed driving fairy at the time, which is 270 kilometers per hour, and in 1927, while attempting to break the record flipped his car and died.

Top 10 inventions that killed their inventors

10 - Harry and Louis Dagelean Slutin 
inventor of the Atomic Bomb

He worked all of Haredagelean, the U.S., and Lewis Slutin, Canadian, in the field of physics, and were working on the development of innovation atomic bomb, to cast each was killed while working on the development of this idea In 1945, died Dagelean following the explosion of the bomb during the conduct some tests it in his lab , where the wounded died of radioactive poisoning after just 25 days, the same way he died in Slutin, but only after 9 days of radiation poisoning in 1946.

top 10 inventions that killed their inventors

This is an old story of a inventor who was deserve for its invention.
Perillos of Athens

Of all the inventors on this list, this guy may be the one who most deserved to die at the hand of his own invention. Perillos was a bronze worker who designed a device called the Brazen Bull to be used to painfully execute criminals. The Brazen Bull was a hollow bull. Prisoners were locked inside and roasted to death by a fire underneath. The device was even designed to channel the screams of the burning prisoner out of its nose to sound like a bull. Perillos pitched his invention to Phalaris, a tyrant lord of Acragas in Sicily. After Perillos showed Phalaris the bull, the inventor was put inside and a fire was lit underneath him. History isn't clear about if Perillos was pulled out before dying, only to be thrown off a cliff by Phalaris' men, or if he expired within the bull. Either way, the bull did him in.
inventions that killed the inventors

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