6 Feb 2014

The Most Wonder Struck World Records

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The Most Wonder Struck World RecordsTake a look at some astonishing worlds records made by the people all over the world. No doubt these are all admirable and presenting hard work by the participants who have made these world records.

1-Dancing Divers

In 2006,in Sydney Olympic Aquatic Park Center 74 sky divers perform dance under depth of water for 10 minutes, and made it as the world record

2- Covered with Ice

On 12-01-2013, a man remain in ice for 46 seconds and book his place in world's book of records.

3-Biggest Amlate        

 Egg Association Of  Turkey made an Amlate with 110,000 Eggs and 432 Liters of oil on "Worlds Egg Day"
dated 08-10-2010. The weight of this amlate was 06 Ton.   

4-Rubber Band Boll 

In 2006, the factory workers made a boll with rubber bands and recognized by the Genies Book Of World Records as the Biggest Boll in the world.

  5-Standing Eggs On Table.

Brain Sports of America successfully placed 439 eggs on a table in Vertical position and made a new world record on 04, September 2005

6-Oldest Twin Sisters

These Twin sisters were born in 1910 and Genies Book Of World Record declare them oldest pair in the world.

7-Balance Boll On Brush

Thanishwar Gorragai put a Basket boll on tooth brush holding by teeth for 22.41 seconds a new world record.

8- Boy with Anaconda.

A 11 year old boy remain with his anaconda for 15 days in a cage, it was a world record.

9- Eiffel Tower 

A man successfully made the dummy of Eiffel Tower with 75000 cards after 120 hours hard work and write his name in world's book of records.

10-Lanterns in Sky

فلپائن کے لوگوں نے 185،15 لاٹین آسمان پر چھوڑ کر نیا گینز بک آف ورلڈ ریکارڈ قائم کردیا۔ فوٹو رائٹرز
15185 Lanterns were released to the sky by the peoples of Philippine in 2013, set as world record.

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