22 Apr 2014

The World's Top 10 Strangest, Unique And Dangerous Road's Stories

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The world's most dangerous,strangest and unique road's amazing stories.
These roads are famous for their unusual designs and locations.

These roads are built in different parts of the world and many people traveled daily and face accidents and many dangerous situation daily. Some of them are very clod and some are so high that it is difficult to take breath there.

Despite of these all things, people want to go through these road again and again because these are beautiful, amazing and full of suspense too.

Here are some pictures and some description about these roads that may be you are seeing first time.

1-Worlds Coldest Road ( Kolyma Highway)

It is situated in Russia and 1262 Miles(2031 Km) long. There are many points on this road which are coldest in the world.  It connects Magadan and Nizhny Bestyakhon the eastern bank of Lena River at Yakutsk.
Average winter temperatures range from -19 °C to -38 °C (even lower in the interior), and average summer temperatures, from +3 °C to +16 °C. it is also called the road of bone
The Road of Bones has become a challenge for adventure motorcyclists. After thefall of the Soviet government, the road was first travelled by Western motorcyclists in summer 1995 by the British Mondo Enduro team (West-East) and by Norwegian wanderer Helge Pedersen (starting from Magadan)

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